Community Resources:
Compiling resources available in the community that assist elders

Speakers Bureau:
Maintains a list of members of the Coalition and others who are available to provide mpresentations to interested groups.

Mental Health:
This sub-committee is looking at the mental health needs of the elders in our community and the resources that are available to address them.

Financial Abuse:
This sub-committee is addressing the financial exploitation of elders through the training of employees of financial institutions to recognize and report as well as law enforcement officers to investigate and prepare cases for prosecution.

Fund Development:
PEAC is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization supported solely through the volunteer efforts of the Coalition members, grants and donations. The Fund Development sub-committee is working to raise the funding to continue our efforts. Donations are gratefully accepted- if you would like to financially assist us in our efforts please contact us.

Multi-Disciplinary Team:
This committee will review cases, on a non-emergent basis, referred to the committee by other professionals who seek input and ideas about how to handle, or how they should have handled, a particular case, while maintaining confidentiality standards. The longer range objective of this committee is  to set up a resource network and protocol  that can be utilized  to bring together different agencies and/or professionals that are working on a specific ongoing  abuse or exploitation case so that the involved parties can share information and  know how  to identify, and contact,  additional persons or agencies that could be involved  to ensure that  a holistic and comprehensive approach is taken to address  all of  problems arising from  the case, which could include emergency housing and long term placement, counseling, medical care, forensic evaluation of financial records, guardianship and conservatorship, criminal prosecution, or a civil claim for damages.

Elder Abuse:
Members of this group provide workshops and training to caregivers and other interested groups on how to recognize and report elder abuse.

Gatekeeper Training:
Provides specific training to people in the community who through the course of their work might have frequent contact with elders in our County- the 'Gatekeepers'. We will help them recognize possible abuse and how to report it.

For information about PEAC, a non-profit organization and the services we provide | 928-776.7871 | 877.521.3500